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Worth repairing this door leak? (DW7933LRA)


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Jun 26, 2020
Rockford, IL
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1-5 years
Short version: should I try to get this leak repaired, or should I just replace the dishwasher?

Longer version: For a long time, the steel on the inside left of the dishwasher door has been a bit bent--see photo below (Samsung model DW7933LRABB). I also have really hard water (getting a water softener installed this Monday, finally), which I think may be making that area worse.

Recently, I realized that every time the dishwasher runs, there's a small amount of water leaking out from that left hinge area (enough to build up some mold under the cabinet), which has rusted up the hinge as well. There's a small amount that leaks while it's running, and then when I open the door afterward there's more, and I suspect (but am not positive) that it's water that got into the door during the wash cycle and then leaks out, especially when the door opens. (It doesn't seem to be an issue of tightening connections, etc.)

The inside steel door costs $239 on online repair places. When I called Samsung repair, they wanted $109 just to come look at it, and I'm worried that they'll just look at it and then order the same $239 part I could have gotten myself, plus charging me for install. The other local appliance place I called said they don't touch Samsungs. Makes me want to just buy a new machine, but part of me wonders if it's smarter to try to bend the metal or plug the leak myself somehow.

Any suggestions?


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Have you tried just raising the front legs on the machine? I have found that some machines give way to water over time because the feet are low/the floor shifts or a combination of the two.

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