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WOS51EC0AS01 Whirlpool wall oven will not heat after replacing thermal fuse


Jan 16, 2020
Leander, Texas
Model Number
6-10 years
My oven died while running a self clean cycle- first time in six years that I've attempted that. I found thru searching a thread on this site about replacing the thermal fuse. Replaced the fuse, powered up fine. No heat. Another search. I looked thru the tech sheet attached to the oven and ran an auto test. The test results were no faults, but two failures. The codes listed were DLB K14 P11, and K1 P3-1. I'm obviously no technician, but am determined (as much as I can be) to fix this myself. But I don't know what these codes mean. As best I can tell, it is the heating elements, bake and broil. Does this mean that they were fried in the self cleaning process and I need to replace them? Or is it the control board that needs replacing?
***Edit*** I looked up the thread that I found from Sept 29, 2017 from Goober71. I clicked on the links for the parts, but this time was different. #18 was now the the thermostat mounted on the back of the oven. The other day it was a nut. I ordered it anyway. Now I'll order the thermostat. It was late, I was pissed. I'm sure the error was me. Especially after finding out how widespread this issue with self cleaning is. I would still like to know if I need to worry about the failure codes.
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
No, don't worry about the failure codes.

Usually when this happens that high-limit thermostat in the back of the oven goes bad.

Turn the breaker off to your oven and ohm test your high-limit thermostat for continuity.

Watch this video to ohm test it:
Make sure the breaker STAYS OFF when ohm testing.:)

Here's your high-limit thermostat for your model you can order:
WP4449751 Thermostat