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WPGT9360E0PL Harmony stuck on "My Cycles" screen


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May 16, 2018
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I have had my GE Harmony washer for many years with no problems. However, today its started acted up. The washer is stuck on the "My Cycles" screen, and beeping randomly, maybe an average of twice every 5 minutes, but with no pattern. Any time we manage to get it on another screen (which is tough to do because the buttons aren't working either for the most part), it will eventually beep and return to the my cycles screen. We can't even power it off with the power button.

When we unplugged and plugged it back in, the same happened, with the washer eventually returning to the my cycles screen with a beep.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

You may have a Electrostatic discharge on main board. Enter MY CYCLES and press DELETE on the touch screen LCD. You may need to then unplug it for 5 minutes then plug it back in after you do that.

Let us know what happens.

If that doesn't resolve it then you either have a bad control board or bad LED screen.

Unfortunately the control board is No Longer Available, and the LED screen is almost the price of a new washer at $558 and out-of-stock.

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for GE WPGT9360E0PL: Controls, Backsplash & Top Panel Parts

#60 is the main control board
#62 is the LED screen

Thanks for the reply. The washer goes automatically to the my cycles screen randomly with the beeping noise. On this screen, however, it is really finicky and I am mostly unable to press any buttons at all. It seems that pressing the help button sometimes allows the other buttons to work, but even that seems to randomly happen.

As it stands we can sometimes just barely get the washer to run a cycle, by clicking the help button when the screen stops working, which sometimes allows us to select the cycle and start it.
It might be a lost cause, I'll be moving house in the next year anyways so I might just wait till then to get a new washer.
Thanks again,
Ok Ben, then you either have a bad control board or bad LED screen.

Yes, I'd say away from GE, LG, and Samsung. I see a lot of GE washers here in my area have many problems now that they got bought out by Haier out of China.

I would never have any of those 3 brands in or near my house.

I'm a old faithful owner of Whirlpool and Maytag appliances ONLY.


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