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WPRE6150K2WT GE Profile mode shifter

Joshua Couch

Premium Member
Jul 12, 2015
San Antonio
Model Number
6-10 years
I recently replaced the mode shifter due to the inner tub spinning with the agitator and the motor light blinking 4 times. I put the new one on and worked okay except it would not complete the final spin. It would start to spin but would not go into fast spin. I tried a couple more times and then the new mode shifter locked down again. It is back to the same thing before. Could the motor be bad? I am stumped. Have been working on this model for about a week now. Any help would be great. Thanks
Yes the code went back to 4. If the motor did take the shifter out again is there a problem that could be causing it that you know of? It would not final spin on both of them before they went out. Thanks
Thanks for that info. Makes sense cause both have no resistance. This motor is 175D5106G057. Not on there anywhere. Number on the inverter is 1676999-6
Hi Guys,

4 flashes - Mode shifter circuit failed. If this error code comes up the motor will still operate but if the mode shifter circuit has failed the washer will not agitate properly. To check the mode shifter, first start the washer. Then when the washer starts agitating, look at the tub from the outside. If the whole inside tub is turning back and forth while in agitate, the mode shifter is bad. If the mode shifter is not bad then clear the code as described below and if the code reoccurs replace the motor. See the section on how to check the sifter coil below for more on this.

To clear the error code: Turn the washer off. Then disconnect power for about 20 seconds. Next, reconnect power then open and close the lid five or more times within 12 seconds in the first 30 seconds of power-up.

Here's the motor/invertor for your model:
GE WH20X10076 Motor,inverter,electr

Well another mode shifter will be here Friday so I will try one more time. I know some of the aftermarket coils are aluminum and might need a new motor. I think the inverter is burning out the coil. I will double check the currents before installing.
Did you ohm test the mode shifter?

You should have 98 ohms across the plug for the mode shifter.

Both mode shifters tested 0 resistance. When I replace the first one and it was fine till the final spin and then it started the same problem. I tested it and it was 0. Something else is taking out the mode shifter. Motor? Only thing I can think of. Thanks for the reply. I am trying again tomorrow then throwing in the towel if it destroys that one.
That's very odd, are you sure your testing it properly?

Look here: HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide about halfway down the page where it says: How To Check the Shifter Coil(Sometimes called mode sifter or shaft and tube)

New mode shifter just came in. Putting it in tonight. I have tested the motor and the ohms on the shifter. All look ok. Maybe I just got a bad part last time. Will post back the results. Thanks Jake and Buck.
Ok Joshua sounds good, Yes please keep us posted.

The new mode shifter is 60 ohms before I am putting it in. I am Putting it in right now so I will post back in a couple hours the results.
Guess the motor is bad. GE needs to add this motor to the list. I don't know which one to get so decided to give up. Thanks a lot for the help guys.
I don't know which one to get so decided to give up.
Its the motor that's bad then.

Where did you buy the mode shifter at?

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