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WPRE6150K2WT GE top load-- water fills past selected amount and then stops - no agitate, no spin


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Oct 28, 2014
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Start a new wash load but unit never gets to the "wash" cycle. It seems to fill up past the selected water amount then just stops. During the water fill period, the timer indicator moves from a time indication, depending on wash selection, to rotating bars in a box pattern. It seems to do that when the "wash cycle" is supposed to occur. I do hear a faint "clunk" once that happens but water continues until the entire tank is full and shuts water off, I suppose due to an over flow switch cutting it off. Have to manually switch to "drain & spin" mode to remove water. Tried resetting motor to no avail several times. Have not looked at light indicators on motor yet.

Shawn has a good webpage that explains this issue and what to check for here: HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide

Its possibly the shaft and mode shifter assembly or motor thats bad.

Here's the shaft and mode shifter assembly for your model:
Shaft and mode shifter assembly WH38X10017

Here's the motor inverter assembly for this model:
WH20X10076 Motor,inverter,electr

This GE washer has the fuse link. It is listed on the Controls and Backsplash parts list: Controls & Backsplash parts for GE WPRE6150K2WT

You won't find the fuse in the diagram, but it's in the parts list.

Here it is:
WH49X10055 Kit-Fuse Link

You first need to do the continuity check as per Shawn's web site to rule out the fuse link and lid switch. If these are good and there is no flashing LED on the inverter board, then the motor/inverter is bad. This is a very common problem with this washer design. Even if the fuse link is bad, it is recommended to replace the motor/inverter. The motor/inverter has been redesigned and the replacement requires removal of the fuse link. A jumper and instructions come with the new motor to remove and jump out the fuse link. I would also check the mode shifter. You should have 98 ohms across the plug for the mode shifter.

Let me know what you find.

Did all the checks and everything was fine. The Green light is blinking normally throughout process. Again, the timer, while water is filling, seems to go berserk after about 30-45 sec, the digits disappear and then the display then shows lines in the shape of a rotating box. I hear a couple of faint thuds after that 30-45 sec period but once the Timer display disappears the water just continues to fill tub until it is completely full. never spins just sits there with that weird display.
control board and not the pressure switch? I blew in the pressure switch for 20-30 sec while water was filling and it seemed to go past the point where the timer display normally started acting crazy.
When you blow into the pressure switch you should hear a clicking sound, if not then your pressure switch is bad.

So when you blew into the pressure switch while it was filling, did the water stop coming in? I'm kinda confused about what you are trying to say: "where the timer display normally started acting crazy".

The only job the pressure switch does is turn the water off when its filled to the proper water level where you set it at.

Here's the pressure switch for your model you can order if needed:
WH12X10412 Switch Pressure

No matter what level I set to fill, after about 45 seconds, the timer displays goes from displaying a number to rotating lines in the shape of a square. If I blow on that line during that period the timer display does not change until I stop blowing. But it does continue to fill with water. Blowing in line does not stop the water.
That's odd, I've never run into this problem before.

I'm attaching the service manual for your model below, On page 35 it tells you how to Enter the Field Service Mode, then follow the steps and lets see if it pulls up an error code.



  • WCRE6270 WHRE5550 WJRE5500 WKRE5550 WPRE6150 8150 Service Manual.pdf
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