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WPRE6150K2WT GE Washer not spinning


Oct 3, 2018
Model Number
6-10 years
Been through many troubleshooting recommendations.
Open and closed the cover 10 times after power up - didn't reset motor.
Blew air into pressure valve and hear switch click so i think good there.
No blinking diag lights on motor - so questioning if thermal fuse is blown.
Read that some newer GE units, same model, don't need the fuse, and they don't even sell them anymore.
Does anyone know if i can just remove it(bypass)? I'm assuming it was there for a good reason, but maybe not.
I am hoping that is the reason the motor is not working.

Hi Joe,

You first need to do the continuity check as per Shawn's web site to rule out the fuse link and lid switch. If these are good and there is no flashing LED on the inverter board, then the motor/inverter is bad. This is a very common problem with this washer design. Even if the fuse link is bad, it is recommended to replace the motor/inverter. The motor/inverter has been redesigned and the replacement requires removal of the fuse link. A jumper and instructions come with the new motor to remove and jump out the fuse link. I would also check the mode shifter. You should have 98 ohms across the plug for the mode shifter.

Here's the motor inverter assembly for this model:
GE WH20X10076 Motor,inverter,electr

This GE washer has the fuse link. It is listed on the Controls and Backsplash parts list: Controls & Backsplash parts for GE WPRE6150K2WT

You won't find the fuse in the diagram, but it's in the parts list.

Here it is:
GE WH49X10055 Kit-Fuse Link

Let me know what you find.

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