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FIXED WPSF4170W0WW How do I get the timer knob off?

Robert Jason

Premium Member
Oct 6, 2018
New Jersey
Model Number
I just bought a used GE Harmony washer. The outer knob doesn't turn the inner knob - in other words, you need to turn the collar to set the cycle, then use the outer knob to push it in or pull it out. I can probably repair it myself or just buy a new knob, but how do you get it off? I image it just pulls off, but I didn't want to pull too hard and break it if it unscrews, or if there is a setscrew.

Also, if you could help me out with a part number, it would be great.

If I explained anything incorrectly, hopefully these pictures will help.

Thank you!


- - - Updated - - -

Sorry the one pic is upside down, I rotated it bit it didn't keep.

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