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WRF560SEYM04 Whirlpool Refrigerator turns into swimming pool


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Aug 14, 2022
United States
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6-10 years
Wife opened freezer to get something out (all was normal), then i opened it about 10 minutes later to discover the ice tray was full of water and overflowing.
I've done the following, but still haven't figure it out. Here's what i have done in chronological order.
1. After cleaning up the water i raised the bail arm to turn off the ice maker and monitor it (5 days). Nothing happened, no leaks of water. When i turned the ice maker back on, i had one harvest of ice immediately, then no more. Continued to monitor for 2 more days, no ice or water leaks with the ice maker turned on. My guess is that one harvest of ice was from residual water from the original event.
2. Freezer is below 10F
3. replaced ice maker with a new one, but no ice is being produced, no water enters the tray.
4. put paper clip in V and L holes and water inlet valve made the typical noise (once i depressed the freezer door switch to close position), but no water came out, not even a drip.
5. Door dispenser does dispense water. Just for clarity, the ice maker is in the bottom freezer.
6. Water pressure is about 80 psi.

What would you suggest as next course of action? Thanks in advance!
Thank you Jake- I checked the fill tube as per the video instructions you provided and it was not frozen and appeared to be clear and free of any debris. One thing I did not do was remove the clear water tubing from the back of the inlet housing, since i was able to remove the fill tube without that step. Just wanted to mention that incase it was necessary for troubleshooting purposes. What would you recommend next?
Ok Craig,

Remove the two wire connector from the solenoid on the water valve and insert your meter leads in the connector. Force cycle the ice maker and check for 120 VAC during the fill cycle. If you don't see the 120 VAC replace the ice maker:

(click to enlarge)
IM Harvest & Fill.jpg

Here's the ice maker for your model:
4317943 Whirlpool Icemaker Kit
B and C Both should be getting 120 volts AC when the ice maker is filling.

A is the solenoid for the water dispenser.
B is the solenoid for the ice maker fill.
C is the primary single water inlet valve solenoid.

C is the primary single water inlet valve for your model:
WPW10238100 Valve

A and B are the secondary dual water inlet valve for your model:

The fill cycle is towards the end of the harvest cycle.

Jake- I got around to testing these and tested both B and C that I labeled above (solenoid for the ice maker fill, and the primary single water inlet valve solenoid). When inserting a paperclip in T and H, with my multimeter in the connectors i didn't get a reading on either connector. Is it likely that both would be out? The water dispenser in the door continues to function normally, so i tested A (solenoid for the water dispenser.) and got 120 VAC.
Ok, then your ice maker is the culprit, not sending 120 volts to the water inlet valves.

I never trust amazon for appliance parts period.



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