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WRF736SDAM13 Whirlpool Refrig, Freezer / Icemaker Pt 2


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Sep 18, 2020
United States
Model Number
6-10 years
I ran the following self diagnostics:

Service Test - 1 FC thermistor

• The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display flashes results on the Temp

Display. (01 = Pass, 02 = Open, 03 = Short)

Service Test - 2 RC thermistor

• The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display the results on the Temp

Display (01 = Pass, 02 = Open, 03 = Short)

Service Test - 6 Defrost heater/Bi-metal

• Note: if bi-metal is open, it will need to be by-passed for heater to operate. Heater should be on.

Display will be blank until a valid reading is displayed. (01 = Bi-metal closed, 02 = Bi-metal open)

Confirmed the heating element is in fact Very Hot. :)
If the defrost heater is on, that means the bi-metal is working fine if it was frosty when you ran that Service Test 6.

Like I mentioned in this thread:
Since both the defrost thermostat(Bi-Metal) and defrost heater test good, then the only part left is the control board.

Here's the control board for your model:
WPW10589838 Electronic Control Board

Its currently in-stock here:

The new control board fixed these 2 members units, with this same problem yours is having:

Let us know how it goes, we love updates here.:)
Wait, you already replaced the control board in your other thread, correct?

It shouldn't go bad again so quickly, so I'm puzzled as well now, unless you bought a aftermarket control board, those will go bad quickly.
I did, and it's just long enough to be out of warranty. I bought it via the link you provided and got the 60 dollar credit, :)
That's very strange it didn't last longer, You can contact RepairClinic and see if they can assist you with another one at cost or less.

Other than that, I don't know what else to suggest, sorry.
Your Welcome!

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