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FIXED WRF736SDAM14 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Test 56 Error Code E5 Bad Freezer Thermistor

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Jun 20, 2020
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1-5 years
So i bought a freezer thermistor part# W10316760, however I am having trouble locating where it actually goes since there are a few thermistors in my fridge.
I would appreciate any help on this..... at my wits end looking for where it goes.
Thank you Sir !
I hope this is my issue, I have been getting very melted little to no ice in my fridge and assumed the thermistor would be on the refrigerator ceiling where the ice maker is located.
No freezer issues but I'll try this anyway.
Do you have a freezer thermometer you can put in the freezer to monitor the temperature? Normal would be 0 to 10 degrees at all times in the freezer.

You can buy a freezer thermometer at any home store or hardware store, get the liquid or digital style.

So my freezer is at about 6 degrees F. The fan sounds like it is working. I went out and bought a multimeter and just now somewhat figured out how to use it.
I'm kind of lost at this point and wondering whether if I should just go ahead and change tyhe thermistor as originally planned. I dont know where to attach the multi meter wires either on the thermistor or box fan. I think the box fan may be in the back.
Do you hear the freezer fan motor running inside the freezer section?

If so, The problem is the refrigerator thermistor or damper. Your freezer side is fine.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

DO--->Service Test - 2 R(refrigerator) C(control) thermistor
• The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display the results on the Temp
Display (01 = Pass, 02 = Open, 03 = Short)

Service Test - 3 Evaporator fan motor and air baffle motor
• Turn on the F(freezer) C(control) Evaporator Fan and Air Baffle and monitor the Air Baffle feedback. SW3 (01= Fan On / Air Baffle Open. 02 =Fan ON / Air Baffle Closed.)

Your air baffle should be open not closed. So that sounds like the problem.

Here's the air baffle for your model:
WPW10479155 Control



  • WRF736SDAM14 tech-sheet-W10811276-RevB.pdf
    3.3 MB · Views: 330
Thanks Jake ! So i ran test 3, I cannot manipulate the test with SW3. However, it will blink 01 4 times, then blink 02 6 times. It will do this on loop.
I'm thinking you are right and it is the fan motor air baffle ?
Did the fan run and air baffle door open when you ran that test #3?

I haven't taken anything apart yet to see. But I barely detected a noise each time the sequence went from 01 to 02. It was more like a very light scratching sound. Maybe as if it was trying to turn on ? It was not very loud at all. Yesterday I couldn't really hear it, this morning I closed all the kitchen windows and the room was very silent and was able to hear the very slight scratching sound.

Also, test 2 registered as a pass.
I ordered the part you mentioned but it will be a little bit since its out of stock. Hopefully it comes by the end of the week. Refrigerators are worse than cars now ! As far as working on them goes..... Seems like you have to be a scientific engineer of some sorts....
I have the part, but am not sure where specifically this air bafle goes. I think it is the refrigerator itself, the back wall? There is like a center console thing?

Start Reading at page 5-9 here: Job Aid - W10444924 (R-114).pdf - Google Drive It should be basically the same as your model.

You will definity need to make sure your refrigerator evaporator fan motor is running as well.

Look at Figure 27 on page 5-9 You will see the deli air damper on the left side, the refrigerator evaporator fan motor in the center, and the refrigerator evaporator thermistor on the right side.

Ok, so I installed the baffle. The fridge seemed to work for a while. Now its been two hours and its still at 60 degrees despite going thru the LED on the front with a setting of 33 F.

From the job aid, it looks like I replaced the Deli Damper.
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Is the refrigerator evaporator fan motor running?

It's hard to tell. I think it did at first then I hear nothing. It used to be 47 to 50 degrees now it's at 65. I've unplugged the fridge and took everything out again. I'll turn it back on tomorrow some time.
Ok, keep us posted.

So I plugged it back in after about 18 hours, after 2 hours there was no temp change. Still 67 degrees inside.
I took the fridge apart again and looked at the damper open,close then open again after turning it on.
Freezer is getting cold but the fridge is not.
Is the refrigerator evaporator coil getting cold and frosty? Normal frost pattern is the last photo below.

Frost Patterns.jpg

I have not gotten in there yet. I will try to figure out how. In the mean time. The fridge is at 60 degrees and the freezer is -1 F. There does not seem to be a fan pushing any air. ALso, I had everything out and the fridge itself unplugged for 18 hours in 75 degree weather.
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