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WRF757SDEM Whirlpool Refrigerator Humming-ish noise and not cooling


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Aug 19, 2020
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1-5 years
This morning my fridge started making a semi loud humming type noise. Sounded like maybe fan hitting ice? I then notice the temp seemed tosing in the fridge. I found the condenser coils were pretty dirty and cleaned those up a bit and then looked at the evap coil in the back of the freezer and it looked OK, no built up ice or anything.

I plugged it back in tonight and the freezer is down to 15 and fridge to 40, set to 0 and 37 respectively

Any ideas? Seems like it's fixed but want to be prepared if it's not. Thanks!
tgod288 said:
the condenser coils were pretty dirty and cleaned those up a bit

You should make the effort and clean it thoroughly! Failure to do so can lead to compressor damage ($$$). There is a stiff bristle brush available for condenser cleaning.

LINK > Whirlpool Consdenser Brush

If it happens again try to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from. We need something to go on. You can read about various possibilities for cooling problems at this link:

Dan O.
It is cooling but appliance repair guy just came. He says the fan that blows grok the freezer and blows cold into the fridge is the issue. There is a DC wire that they have seen issues with that causes the fan to run intermittently. This means that the cold air stays in the freezer and causes condensation and ices up the evap coil and the fan for the fridge area. He says that this is non repairable. His colleague says they tried to repair it one and it failed again. Says the wire would need to be replaced and you have to pull the whole thing apart and wouldn't warranty it since they expect it to fail.
Were they a Whirlpool factory authored service depot? If not I might suggest you get a second option from an actual factory rep. They might have access to service bulletins about repairing such a design flaw as was suggested. I have not heard of such common occurrence myself.


Dan O.

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