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WRF767SDEM Whirlpool water dispenser still drips


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Dec 1, 2017
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Less than 1 year
Hoping for help. JUST got a brand new fridge. Unpacked, installed, and wonderful! Except for the annoying drip from the water dispenser. I know this is a common issue and have done due diligence to resolve said drips: flushed over 5 gallons, checked all connections, etc. The one thing we have not done, but will do today, is to remove the air filter and see if that makes any difference. Let me describe the dripping in detail. Once the water dispenser is stopped, you may get one drop within the first 5 seconds. Between 5 and 15 seconds there is no dripping at all. After about 15 seconds, the dripping will commence until the water from the top of the fridge (the tube goes through the door hinge from above) has all drained out. At this point, there is no more water, just air in the line between the dispenser and the top of the fridge. Obviously, the next glass fill starts with an air purge and then the process repeats. One other interesting test I did was to decouple the line at the hinge, depress the water dispenser (which caused a bit of a splurge of water out of the line from the top of the fridge (caught it with a towel)). When stopped, I was able to watch the water in the line (that's open and visible) and see if air bubbles were surfacing to the top. The water level in the hose (at the top of the fridge) stays exactly the same. My deduction is that the leak then MUST be in that joint/coupling at the top of the fridge. Would love some assistance.....
Adding an update..... I was wrong. The filter test (removing) made no difference. I then re-did the test of decoupling the joint on top of the fridge and am now seeing water receed in the hose that goes through the fridge and down to the valve. The hose on the front side (from the top of the fridge to the actual dispenser is perfect - no leaks). So..... about to disconnect water line from fridge to test for leaks there (in joints).

It sounds like you may have a little air in the water lines still, did you draw 10 full glasses of water from the water dispenser? I suppose when you mentioned you flushed over 5 gallons, that's the way you did it?

Since your refrigerator is brand new, Its not a good idea to work on it while its still under warranty from Whirlpool.

Call Whirlpool to come out: 1-866-698-2538

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