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WRF954CIHZ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator leaking water / freezing food


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Jul 3, 2022
Fleming Island, FL
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1-5 years
Whirlpool Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator has been leaking water on the right side front outside, outside of ice dispenser and on the bottom tray on the inside. We’ve had issues with the ice maker from the start, ice melts and water comes out of the front of the frame of the ice dispenser. Food is freezing in various spots inside the refrigerator, notable in the bottom drawer where the water is pooling.


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For the water dispenser dripping--->You have a dual water inlet valve inside the refrigerator section, one side is for the water dispenser, one side for the ice maker. The yellow snap ring where the plastic water line goes in is the ice maker one, the larger diameter plastic water line right next to it is the water dispenser one. They come together when you order it.

Here it is for your model: Valve Assy-Water, Dual W11535162

The dual water inlet valve is located inside the refrigerator section.

Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iRRnn103aeGMfrJwdW0Qoazg6S6k2qho/view?usp=sharing

Page 3-7--->Dual Water Valve and Freezer IM Water Valve

For the water leak, Pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then unplug it, then remove the lower rear access panel and get a flashlight and you will see the drain tube(extension) coming down into the drain pan, check that drain tube for a clog.

Here's the drain tube for your model: Extension W11252097

We took apart the whole inside and found a piece of plastic covering the drain hole. The issue we can’t get past now is nothing is draining out of the tube. We poured hot water down, nothing, tried snaking it and can’t seem to get through so it’s definitely clogged. Not sure what to do next.
You may need to use pressurized air, like a air compressor to unclog it.

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