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FIXED WRF990SLAM02 Whirlpool Refrigerator 30 Volts at Ice Level Sensor Receiver J1-J3

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Apr 10, 2021
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1-5 years
So, my ice maker isn't making ice. It passes all the Service tests, except for Test 15 - Ice Level Sensor - which shows 01 Bin Full when the bin is empty. When manually filled with water (Test 45), it quickly freeze it into ice, and will successfully run a Harvest via the Service test (Test 57).
Measuring voltage of the sensor receiver board between J1 and J3 I get 30 Volts...and between J4 and J6 I get 0 Volts.
Looking at an earlier post shown below, it looks like I should have 14 Volts between both those points. I also verified I have 0 Volts at the Sensor Emitter J1 to J3.
The diagram shows the incoming 14 volts between the receivers J1 and J3 is coming from the "Dispenser Board". So my best guess is that is the offending component here.
Can anyone tell me what/where the Dispenser Board is?
On the dispenser board measure the voltage across J5-1 (red/blk) and J5-3 (blk/grn). Make sure your meter is set to DC Volts.
So are the value's in the post of yours that I quoted DC...if so, that is part of the problem with my troubleshooting!

Searching on Dispenser Board hasn't found what I'm looking for. Are you talking about the board that controls the control panel.
Is this the correct one?:
Does it live behind the control panel on the left door?
Thank you.
So searching on this forum site I located this control panel + control board kit for a more reasonable $$ amount.

However when zooming in on this control board I can't find anything greater than J2...Lost of Pxx sockets, but I don't see the test points you referenced, so thinking this isn't the correct board?
Thanks in advance. New to working with refrigerators!

Thanks again very much for your expert knowledge. Sorry to have confused this troubleshooting with my initial erroneous information.

To clarify the current situation:
- Service Test 15 reports Bin Full (Test result 01)...while bin is completely empty but in place and the shutter over the receiver is open and in the On position.

- I have 14 VDC across the ice level sensor receiver J1-1 - J1-3, and to J1-4 - J1-6
- I HAD 14 VDC across ice level emitter J1-1 - J1-3, but when I tested again a few minutes later, I'm getting 0 Volts at the emitter, but still seeing 14 VDC across the receiver J1-4 - J1-6.

For the first time ever, the ice level sensor receiver LED blinked a few times when I was re-measuring things. The red LED, is and has been off otherwise.
The Optics LED light will only be on for the first 5 minutes after power is cycled, machine unplugged and then plugged in. This is what Whirlpool says; If you have 14 VDC at the receiver, J1-1 to J1-3 and service test #15 is not reporting the correct status of the ice bin, replace both receiver and emitter:

I had replaced the receiver sensor board last week, thinking it was a probable source of the "Bin Full" error.
Today, the emitter sensor I had ordered arrived, and after installing, the Service Test 15 shows the correct Bin Empty or Bin Full status depending on the optic's shutter position.
And ice started to be made immediately after installing the new emitter - so it was the inoperative component.
Thanks again for walking me through finding 14VDC on the receiver and dispenser boards. Helped me understand what was going on and what to look for next time this issue occurs.
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