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WRS571CIDMOO Whirlpool not cooling on either side. Help!


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Aug 5, 2010
Camarillo, California, United States
Model Number
1-5 years
Ok so the Whirlpool WRS571CIDMOO is not cooling on either side,

*Compressor runs
* condenser fan and compressor Fan work
* the coils are clean
And there’s no icing up on the condenser coils
The temp on the Frisge and freezer are about the same 70*

I replaced the defrost thermostat using an OEM one hoping it will fix but same thing.

Inspected the motherboard and there’s no visual signs of burnt markings.

Led lights Lon the outside display work fine.

Placed the refrigerator in service diagnostic mode. And didn’t see any suspicious indicators

Here are the status indicators mine had:
Components tested:
1.FC thermistor 01 pass
2.RC thermistor 01 pass
3.Evaporator fan motor 8 air baffle motor : 01 fan on/air baffle opened ; 02 fan on/air baffle closed

4. Compressor and condenser fan motor: 01 on

5. N/A

6. Defrost heater /bi-metal 02 bimetal open

7.defrost mode: 01ADC On

Would greatly appreciate thoughts? What am I missing to test? The fridge appears to be a newer model. Fridge was given to me not working.

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