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FIXED WRS571CIHZ01 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice Maker - can't cycle test 45. failed tests 44 and 47?


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May 9, 2023
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1-5 years
Ice maker has not been making ice due to no water. Ran service test 45 but it won't switch to the water fill cycle -- i.e., it won't go to "03". Also ran tests 44 and 47. On 44, it runs through the test cycle but then I get a flashing "23" which I believe indicates a faulty motor. Test 47 results in "02," thermistor open. Even if 44 and 47 failed, shouldn't I get water on test 45?
Here's your ice maker tech data sheet that has troubleshooting in it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cM55ONghMG_V99Hdd-ysfueTDjV9Uvsq

Here's your tech. data sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1daqmt8MVyv4AQEUZERd8yjbLoxI24dHh/view?usp=share_link

Here's the ice maker for your model:
W10873791 Ice Maker

--->I'd first check for any frayed or broken wires underneath the freezer door--->Lots of members have found frayed and broken wires causing the ice maker/and or auger motor to be low voltage or dead completely. Remove your bottom kickplate grille, Remove the black wire harness loom too, broken wires can be underneath it.

Look at this thread first:

Another member was having a similar problem here: FIXED: GSF26C4EXY02 Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker Problem Look at his post #6 he found frayed and broken wires underneath the freezer door, remove your kickplate and check for that first.

Here's another one with the same thing about the frayed and broken wires: FIXED: 106.51173310 Kenmore elite ice maker not working - no led light

Here's another: FIXED: Whirlpool WSF26C2EXF01 Door Icemaker Not Working

Let us know what you find.

Also look here:

And here:
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Excellent, glad you found the problem.(y)

Thanks for the update!
Now the hard part is fixing it. Wires are broken very close to the door and thin gauge, making it hard to work on. What a terrible design/choice of wires.
I usually add a little extra wire for more slack. 14 guage wire is fine, any hardware store should have it.

Solder the added wire, then move the heat shrink over the solder joint and shrink for a tight fit.

Or use wire butt connectors with that added wire instead of soldering it.

There are lots of videos on Youtube that will show you how, here's one I'll post below.:)

Wire Splicing Tool 959

Watch this video below:


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