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FIXED WRS588FIHZ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice maker issues


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Jun 29, 2022
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1-5 years
I have been having issues with my ice maker forever, I replaced the actual tray and checked wiring. What I realized the issue is that water refill spout is freezing up. Test 44 give 22 but Test 45 will not dispense water into ice tray. If I use hair dryer and defrost the spout I will get ice for few days sometimes few weeks but eventually same issue and I have to defrost again but lately it seems like I'm only getting couple days before I have to defrost again. It sounds likes my water inlet valve not closing? When I search for replacement parts shows 2 results, how do I know which I need?
Yes, the cause is usually the dual(secondary) water inlet valve not closing all the way, thus letting a tiny amount of water to trickle into the fill tube and freeze it up.

So you'd need to replace the dual(secondary) water inlet valve.

Here's the single(primary) water inlet valve for your model:
WPW10238100 Valve

Here's the dual(secondary) water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve WPW10341320

There is a video in that part link that shows you how to replace it.
Thanks. I replaced the secondary valve but 12hrs later no ice. I run test 45 and water will not pour so guessing its frozen again. I did notice stronger flow to my water refill after new valve but ice still having same issue. Could it be primary valve?
Did you thaw out the fill tube first to the ice maker?

Could it be primary valve?
Not likely, but you can remove the tubing from it and see if it leaks.
Ya I used hairdryer and it made ice but by next day back to no ice again and ice try was empty. When I ran test 45 it wouldn't fill up ice try just made like humming sound but
no water.
That's very odd, since the water dispenser works fine, then I'm puzzled too, if the primary was bad, you would not get water at the water dispenser either.

>ITS BEST at this point to contact Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 and have a tech come out, the tech can call the factory on a special FACTORY HOTLINE tech number from your house, and the factory can get involved in investigating this issue you're having.
Yea i'm puzzled too. I dont see that much ice on spigot either it is possible its frozen behind the door? I hear it still go through its cycle every few hours i hear the humming sounds of pump or valve opening to fill ice try but no water coming out.
Remove the water line tubing from the primary water inlet valve and see if water comes through it when pressing the water dispenser lever.
Well I thought I'd share my fix been running now 2days have full ice bin. I added piece of cardboard to block Cold air to see if would stop line from freezing up and seems like it did.

WOW, that's very weird, never seen a fix like that before, GOOD JOB if it continues to work, fingers crossed. 🤞
Had this exact same issue, and even after replacing the secondary valves I was still getting no water to the ice maker with solid flow through the water dispenser. Discovered the frozen black water spout hiding inside the door above the ice maker, and ran service test 19 (to force the water line heater on for 20 minutes), and then service test 45 was able to get water to the ice maker. Service manuals are attached
Turned the freezer temp up from 0 to 5, and haven't had any trouble since!


  • Ice Maker Sheet - W10869036.pdf
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  • Service and Wiring Sheet - W11090558 - Rev B.pdf
    1.8 MB · Views: 153
Good job on fixing yours too.(y)

Thanks for letting us know!

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