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WRS973CIDM Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working


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Apr 24, 2023
Ramona, CA
Model Number
1-5 years
The icemaker on my Whirlpool WRS973CIDM is not making ice. I ran diagnostics for it and the following diagnostics gave bad results:
#44 (Harvesting Test) showed digit 1 of "2", indicating harvesting cycle is off. If I left it in that mode, about 30 seconds later it displayed "23", indicating "Switch faulty or motor". If I turned on the harvesting cycle, it flashed "1" for about 10-15 seconds, then "2", then 30 seconds later, "23".
#45 (Water Fill Test) flashes "01", indicating "ice tray is moving to home position".
I replaced the icemaker and am getting the same results.
Any ideas???

Remove your bottom kickplate grille, You HAVE TO REMOVE the black wire harness LOOM too, broken wires can be underneath it.
Look here of what others have found:
(click to enlarge)

Here's your ice maker tech data sheet that has troubleshooting in it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cM55ONghMG_V99Hdd-ysfueTDjV9Uvsq

On page 6 Troubleshooting Paths---you will want to do Path 2: If the ice tray is empty, or ice cubes are extremely small proceed to Path 2.

Here's the ice maker for your model:
W10873791 Ice Maker
Thanks for your reply. I checked the wires first. There was one (yellow) wire that had a break (actually, it looked more like a cut, not a frayed break). I connected it and checked continuity on it. I can't find any other bad wires.
I also tried the Whirlpool troubleshooting your referenced.

My best analysis is that it is not getting the 14VAC power, whether from a bad wire that I can't find, or from a board problem. I couldn't determine the test points for the voltage at the power connector (bottom of refrigerator.) From the wiring diagram, it looks like I have to get to the "Gemini Flash" control board. Where is that and how do I access it???
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Look at the Voltage chart on the lower right side, where it says Core Control--->P7-5(red wire) to P7-6(black wire) 14 VDC when Ice Maker is making a Harvest.

Here's the main board(aka Gemini Flash) for your model: WPW10743957 Cntrl-Elec

It should be located in the back of the refrigerator, once you pull the refrigerator out from the wall. Unplug the refrigerator first, then you should see the cover that goes over it on the back exterior wall of the refrigerator.


  • Service and Wiring Sheet - W10751694 - Rev A (1).pdf
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