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WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool refrigerator Complete Shutdown every few days


Nov 26, 2020
I have the WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool refrigerator. A few months ago I came home to find a puddle on the ground and my refrigerator not running.

I was told to unplug the unit from the wall for approx. 1 hour and then plug the unit back into the wall and it should reset. That worked and had no issues for about a month and then it happened again.

I unplugged the unit from the wall for an hour, plugged it back in and it reset itself again. It has happened once since then until this week when I got an error code of PF (confirm). It completely shut down again. No cooling, lights, or dispenser. Front panel display always there.

I unplugged the unit from the wall, waited an hour, plugged it back in, this time it said PO, I pressed confirm. The refrigerator came back on again. It seems still be doing this more frequently as time goes on. What needs fixed/replaced?


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona

Does your Temperature control Pantry drawer inside the refrigerator section no longer have a display? Is the display out?

Our tech bigbuck posted a service bulletin about this problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OUD3L2YYjwGY48xB2u1jH-LMZXwtUl4a

Unplug your refrigerator first, then disconnect it and see if everything starts working properly again. If so, check your wire harness first to see if you notice a short in it, if no short then the problem is the Pantry UI control board.

Here's the Pantry UI control board for your model:

Here's the wire harness to it:

Look how bad the Pantry UI board was damaged here:

This should be the video to access it:

If running it without the UI Pantry Board connected does not solve it then its likely the main control board you will need to replace.

Here's a similar thread and it uses the exact same control board yours does:
Here's the main control board for your model:
Main Control Board WPW10675033

Let us know what you find.