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FIXED WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice maker will not fill

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Jay Nicholas

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Oct 9, 2021
western ny
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1-5 years
Last week I filled a glass with ice and water and left the room Shortly after I heard water running and assume ice maker was filling. I went into the kitchen to find water running down the front of the refrigerator and thought it was from the water dispenser. When I opened the left side door the water appear to have come from the ice maker. Since then it hasn't made any ice. I ran the tests, 45,56,57,58,&59 The only code I got was E1-"no cooling"(test 56 , i believe)

I have reset and powered down numerous times and I am suspecting fill valve. I disassembled and removed the ice maker suspecting a frozen line. None found. My question now is if I am getting a no cooling error, is the fill valve being overridden to not let water in because it isn't cold enough? the fridge temp is 36 and the freezer is 1. Any ideas?
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Service Test - 56 Ice Maker Error Codes
--->Displays active Ice Maker Error Codes on the UI display. (E0 = No Errors, E1 = No Cooling, E2 = Motor Lost Position, E3 = Heater Time-out, E4 = Dry Cycle, E5 = Timed Ice Making).

E1 = no cooling. Ice maker timed out. Ice compartment was unable to reach desired temperatures, possible cooling or fan issue.

Do you hear the fan motor running inside the refrigerator ice box?

Do these 2 tests below:

Service Test - 36 Ice Box Fan
--->Check for fan operation. Control Ice Box Fan using SW3. Display the status on Temp Display. (01 = ON, 02 = OFF). Verify air flow from the IB fan.

Service Test - 37 Ice Box Thermistor
--->The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display the results on the Temp Display. (01 = Pass, 02 = Open, 03 = Short)



  • tech-sheet-W10849496-RevA.pdf
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Also please update your previous thread so we know the final outcome:

Thanks for reply Jake,
I did test 36 and could hear the fan running. I cycled it on an off a couple times. It's quiet but I could feel it when I opened the ice chute door.
I did test 37 and got an "01" so it looks ok.
FYI -When not is test mode the other fan is running and strong air movement from outlet by replaceable filter in back wall if ice box. Temp for fridge and freezer appear to be on point also.
Ok, put a freezer thermometer in the ice box and tell us what it reads in 2 hours.

Hello Jake, I have an update.
This morning after reading and researching, I saw that someone suggested the fill valve coils be checked. After doing test 45 and hearing a hum for about 6-10 seconds I had assumed the valve was opening. I pulled the ice maker and it was bone dry after several service test 45's were done I then pulled the double coil fill valve to check for continuity and resistance. I set my meter to 20K Ohms and got a reading of .2595 on the coil for the water dispenser. For the ice water fill coil I got nothing. A "1" on the meter. The meter didn't budge on any setting. I'm going to order and replace it.
It still doesn't explain why I'm gett Error code E1-no cooling - when I do test 56 though. Any thoughts?
Again, thank you for your time
Ok, put a freezer thermometer in the ice box and tell us what it reads in 2 hours.

To be clear...you want it in the main part of the fridge on the top shelf or in the ice maker itself. I have probe thermometer i could us to get a reading
Ok.. Refrigerator compartment is at 32.3F
Freezer comp at 5F
Ice maker - in- door ice cube reservoir temp is 25 and dropping slowly Moved thermometer into it about 30 min.ago
In the ice maker compartment itself its 25 degrees? That's way too warm, that's why you are getting the E1-No cooling error. It needs to be 10 degrees or lower at all times in the ice maker compartment or it will never make ice.:)

I did test 36 and could hear the fan running. I cycled it on an off a couple times. It's quiet but I could feel it when I opened the ice chute door.
I think there is something wrong with your ice box fan motor, or the control board that powers it because it should be running at all times in the ice maker compartment to keep is under 10 degrees to make ice. You may want to see if that ice box fan runs, even when not in TEST 36 mode.

Here's the ice box fan for your model(Video to get access/replace it is in the part link):
Fan Motor W10846539

--->The ice maker gets its cold air from the refrigerator evaporator. There is a air tunnel that cold air flows up to the ice maker and that ice box fan blows the cold air onto the ice maker.

Well the parts arrived. New fan motor and new dual water valve. Both installed Wednesday. Happy to report today.. Ice bin full
Thank you for you expertise. Cheers
Excellent Jay, glad to hear the new ice box fan motor and new dual water inlet valve fixed it.(y)

Here's the water inlet valve and video below, in case others need it too:

Water Inlet Valve WPW10341329

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