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WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool Refrigerator Temp is not consistent in the upper section only


Apr 22, 2020
Avon, Indiana
Model Number
1-5 years
Refrigerator is approx. 3 years old, and i have have had multiple techs come out to look at the issue with my refrigerator. Problem: Temp is not consistent in the upper section only - freezer compartment has never had any issues. Only the top section. Temp set to 35 deg in refrigerator and it will hover around 42 deg. I have had the main board replaced, ice maker door replaced, and i think a few more things - mostly under warranty. Problem ONLY occurs after there has been a power interruption. Seems to me after the technician runs it through the diagnostic mode - everything checks out - it will go back to running properly. Until the next power interruption. I don't mean a prolonged outage, but just a short flicker or the latest - turned the main breaker off for less than a minute. Techs have come to service and say the temps are within range 40 deg even though its set on the lowest temp. I know the difference between COLD milk and not so cold milk ( yeah - we'll go with milk ) Again, never an issue with the freezer section. After the last service call ( Nov 2019 ) is has ran flawlessly until I turned power off. Is there a way to reset the computer or are the techs and whirlpool service missing something here. Please HELP - this is getting frustrating and COSTLY


Appliance Tech - Moderator
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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
R-displayswitch numbers (2).jpg

To enter Service Diagnostics: Press SW1 and SW2 simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Release both buttons when you hear the CHIME indicator.

Unit must not be in Lockout prior to entering SERVICE DIAGNOSTIC MODE.

The display will show 01 to indicate the control is in test 1 of the diagnostics routine.

Each test must be manually advanced. Press SW5 to move to the next test in the sequence. Press SW4 to back up in the sequence to the previous test

Diagnostics begins with Test 01.

Each step is displayed in the two digits of the dispenser user interface display.

The step results are displayed in the two digits on dispenser user interface display 2 seconds after the step number is displayed.

An amber order filter light will be shown to designate that the step number is being displayed

A red replace filter light will be shown to designate that the status of the step is being displayed.

To exit Service Diagnostics Press SW1 and SW2 simultaneously for 3 seconds, disconnect the product from power or wait 20 minutes.

Following the exit of the diagnostic mode, the controls will then resume normal operation.

Run test #3- Evaporator Fan motor and Air Baffle motor
Press switch #3 -
01= Both fan motors off.
02= Freezer compartment fan on
Press switch #3 once more. Step 03 will flash quickly and advances to steps 13 / 23 very quickly. The results are:
RC fan on Pantry air damper on. Pantry air damper will open and close automatically 13- Damper open 23- Damper closed.
Verify air flow in pantry on the left hand side when damper is open (912 displayed). Air flow will cease when 23 is displayed.
Press switch 3# once more- 04- FC and RC fans on
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