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FIXED WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool Refrigerator Water/Ice Maker Problems

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Jul 24, 2019
Wheeling, WV
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1-5 years
I have been troubleshooting problems with this refrigerator. Have had some intermittent lighting problems where when the doors are open the led lighting does not turn on and none of the water/ice makers work but this has cleared itself up within 30 minutes every time (until now). Had some water leakage from the upper ice maker recently and then all of the ice makers and water dispenser stopped working.

I tested and found that the main water inlet valve was bad and replaced. Now that that is replaced the lower ice maker seems to be working ok but if I use the water dispenser the water comes out the lower ice maker right into the storage bin. I have done some voltage tests and when the water dispenser paddle is pushed the pins on the main controller board plug P3 pins 3 and 4 both go high (120vac).

Haven't been able to catch it when the ice maker is filling to check the voltage readings (tried but just haven't made it in time). I am surely looking for some advice. I am leaning towards the controller board but would like some input from a professional before I order one. Also I have unplugged unit and removed all cables from all of the boards on the back side and also the pantry wires on the front drawer and then reinserted them. I also do have the tech sheet for this unit.
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I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below, do all the TESTS related to all these problems you are having. It's very unusual to be having this many problems at once.

Also check all your wire harness connectors, to the main control board.

Here's the main control board for your model:
WPW10675033 Cntrl-Elec



  • WRV986FDEM01 Tech Sheet - W10835526 - Rev B.pdf
    1.1 MB · Views: 2,528
I already have the tech sheet but thanks again.

Unplugged refrigerator again and unplugged panty ui board. Plug unit back in and no difference.

Exactly which tests are relevant to my situation? The situation right now is that the refrigerator is working, the bottom ice maker is working but slower that usual, the top ice maker and water dispenser both cause water to be dispensed into the bottom ice maker. I have turned the upper ice maker off for the moment.

Here is what I have done so far:
Both ice makers quit making ice and the water dispenser quit dispensing water. Started troubleshooting and found that there was 120vac at the main water inlet valve but it was not opening. Replaced with WPW10394076 and now valve opening.

Water at this point not dispensing through dispenser when paddle pushed the water is dispensing into the bottom ice maker. I use the tech sheet and looked for found the ice maker valve and water dispenser valve. Traced and tested wires for both on the main control board at P3 wires 3 (tan) and 4 (violet). Both pins go high (120vac) when I push the dispenser paddle.

I am more than willing to run tests, I just need to know which ones.

Also there has been many storms in the area for the last couple weeks. Just FYI.
Water at this point not dispensing through dispenser when paddle pushed the water is dispensing into the bottom ice maker.
That sounds like a diode issue, I need to ask Rick about that.

Sounds like the diodes to me also. I can't find them in the parts diagram. Probably in the wire harness.
You can replace just the diode(s) If you can find them on the machine. They're usually close to the isolation coil. This is from a Frigidaire:
R-EW23CS Isolation Diodes.jpg

R-isolation diodes.jpg
Thanks a lot. Found and tested diodes, both were shorted so I replaced the diodes. They were in the bottom rear of the refrigerator behind the cardboard hallway between the compressor and the fan. Problem of the water being dispensed into the freezer is fixed. But still not dispensing from dispenser.

I am wondering possibly dual water valve (WPW10341329)?? Problem is I don't see it in the bottom of the refrigerator. Any idea where it may be located?
Glad you're making progress on it rickdilley (y)

Thanks Rick for helping us out!

OK new dual valve installed and all seems to be working well. I hope I don't have to deal with or see this many problems with this or any other refrigerator again. Once again thank you all for all your help.
Hi all - is there any specific part number or specifications for the diodes?

Makes sense from my perspective that that is the issue with my leaky icemaker. Thanks.

Rick - I also hope you don't mind that I updated your triple solenoid diagram a bit... ;-)

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I just used 1N4007 general purpose diodes and made a wiring harness to replace the ones I cut out. They were cheap and got them on Amazon. Has been working ever since without problems.

I have also unplugged the front drawer thermostat and that has solved the intermittent light off and nothing working in the refrigerator.
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