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WRX735SDBM00 Ice maker won't harvest


May 29, 2023
Atlanta, Ga
Model Number
6-10 years
I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. I have used this forum and found a lot of information here but still can't solve my problem using similar posts with a similar problem.

Background and Problem
-Refrigerator is a Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00
-Worked fine until about 2 years ago when the ice maker died
-Installed new ice maker and harness and it worked fine for around 2 years
-A few months ago ice production slowed and then stopped completely
-Ordered and installed a new ice maker (kept 2 year old harness in place)
-The new ice maker worked for a few days and also slowed and stopped

What I Have Tried
-Service Tests 36 and 37 both passed
-Changed water filter
-Jumped holes T and H on ice maker and it does an ice harvest and fills the tray up with water again (the water also freezes)
-Holes L and N show 120 VAC when the door sensors are pushed in and drops to around 10 when they are released
-Tested dual water valve (from the inside back of the frig) and it passed according to another post here but I can't remember the numbers
-Removed ice maker and hooked it up outside of where it normally sits to see if fan was running on it. I saw the fan running with my own eyes.
-Damper control showed no signs of ice blockage or anything and I can feel air come from the ice box into the refrigerator

Taking everything apart and putting it back together seemed to make the ice maker work again for maybe a day and then it stopped again

Temperature Testing
-Bought a freezer thermometer (with red temperature line)
-Freezer shows 0 F
-Ice box usually shows 20 F or above sometimes closer to 30 F
-Refrigerator shows about 40 F even though setting is at 35 F
-Changed freezer temperature to -3 F. This did nothing.
To my understanding (from this forum) the ice box needs to be colder to produce ice so I started focusing on the freezer.

Freezer Testing
-I hooked the thermometer to the top bar of the top freezer drawer on both sides of the drawer to test the temperature
-Freezer temperature is set to 0 F and consistently shows 0 F on my thermometer
-Took everything out of freezer and opened back panel to check for ice build up
-I had a block of ice on the upper right side of the freezer over the coils (see attached picture)
-I defrosted the ice and put it back together.
-Evaporator fan looked fine with no ice but I didn't see if it ran or not
-I couldn't tell if the pathway above the fan was blocked with ice but I saw no visible ice or water dripping from it while I was defrosting the other block of ice
-Coils had no ice build up

After all of this nothing has fixed the ice production problem or the warmer temps in the ice box and refrigerator. I have read here that the evaporator fan/motor in the freezer could also be the problem. How can I test that? Does anyone have any other suggestions or things I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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Here's the test for it if you want to run it to see if the evaporator fan motor is running:
Service Test - 3 Evaporator fan motor and air baffle motor--->Turns on the evaporator fan motor and opens air baffle. Verify air flow from the evaporator fan. Check to see if the baffle opens. Status indicator will be blank.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Also I noticed in your photo that ice build up on the top right side, that's usually indicates a sealed system problem.

The normal frost pattern is a thin layer of frost on all the coils from top to bottom. Look at the very bottom photo below where it says NORMAL FROST PATTERN.

Frost Patterns.jpg


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