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WRX735SDBM00 Whirlpool Refrigerator Slow Ice Production


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Apr 5, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Our 10 year old Whirlpool model WRX735SDBM00 is slow to produce ice. The ice maker was updated two years ago with the updated wiring harness and maker. It was making ice as it should since the day we purchased it new in 2013 and after the replacement ice maker. Now it only cycles ice a few times per day. A few months ago we started running out of ice so I when through the troubleshooting steps. The frig area temp is 35, the freezer box is -1 and the ice compartment is 18 degrees.

I did lower the freezer temp as low as I could on the display and it will not drop below -1. I know 18 degrees in the ice maker compartment is not cold enough to make ice properly. The condenser coils are very clean, new water filter, no error codes in diagnostic mode 37. The ice maker fan is working as it should. I actually removed it and tested. Service mode 36 turns the fan on as it should. The damper door seems to be working as it should. The evaporator fan in the freezer is running and appears to be strong.

I was told the evaporator fan can become lazy but I have not taken the freezer apart to check the evaporator fan motor as it appears to be strong by feel and hearing it. How can I get the ice maker compartment colder? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I did a search before posting this thread and found someone with the exact same issue. Their issue was the ice maker fan but ours is working.
Since your freezer temperature is good, and your fans are running, then its possibly a semi-blockage in the air tunnel going up to the ice maker.

Here's your air flow diagram:
Screenshot 2023-04-06 07.52.49.png
Thank you for the reply and diagram. I though about a intake being blocked in the freezer but it is clear. I don't see how anything could get by the tiny intake slots and block the air flow but I'm sure it is possible. I can blow compressed air in the ducts and see... Thanks again
Could the damper door in the ice maker not be working correctly? I feel air blowing into the refrigerator at times and not air at times during the fan cycle. I assume it is workingg correctly given the different air flow cycles. I can't find any information on how to test the damper door.
The air baffle should be fine or else it would be either too warm or too cold in the refrigerator section.

Here's the test for it if you want to run it anyways:
Service Test - 3 Evaporator fan motor and air baffle motor--->Turns on the evaporator fan motor and opens air baffle. Verify air flow from the evaporator fan. Check to see if the baffle opens. Status indicator will be blank.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.


  • techsheet-w10525816-reva (1).pdf
    198.1 KB · Views: 47
There is no blockages of the air ducts. The air damper door is working correctly per the test. Could the evap fan motor be weak and not moving as much air as it should? I thought they either worked or didn't. Thanks
Thanks for the fan motor info. I replaced the ice maker and wiring harness several years ago. The ice maker stopped working completely so I replaced it. It worked as it should for several years and just recently started slowing ice production. I wouldn't think the ice maker would cause the ice compartment temps to be cool enough. That is why I asked about a slow evap fan motor.
Ok, I understand now.

I'm puzzled too, if its 0 degrees in the freezer and 18 in the ice box compartment, something is either blocking the air flow or that evaporator fan is blowing slower than normal.

Are you measuring your temperatures with a freezer/refrigerator thermometer manually? I always advise my customers to get the RED Liquid or digital refrigerator/freezer thermometer. Walmart, Target sells them usually at about 10 dollars and they last a lifetime.:)
I am using a digital thermometer that measures deep into the negative temps. I'm going to order a new evap fan motor and see if that helps. I will follow up with results. Thanks
Ok, sounds good, yes let us know how it goes.

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