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WRX986SIHZ02 loud water dispensing and intermittent water to ice maker

Thanks Steve, I appreciate you saying that.:)
I only joined the forum to actually a few months ago but have been here reading for years. You've saved me $1000's on my out of warranty stuff where you identified the broken part that I then bought myself using link here and then replaced myself. Thank YOU.
LOL, YES, its hard to believe its been almost 20 years since I started ApplianceBlog. Aug. 2024 will be 20 years!

Lots of people just like you have done the same, have been coming for 20 years without joining the forum and then coming to join and saying how much money they have saved also.:)
So he finally came yesterday and replaced several parts. I asked him to replace all 3 that you (Jake) mention in this thread:
But for some reason he did not bring the water filter housing (W11482384) and instead brought:
Needless to say, the loud water flow is still there. It appears so far that the ice maker water line freezing is fixed by W11087201, the fill tube heater part. Will ask him to replace filter housing with W11482384. It's loud throughout the whole path, from filter to ice maker and water dispenser. I'm under warranty and have good relationship with this guy so any other parts you can think of that might cause loud water?
Glad to hear the new fill tube heater fixed the ice maker fill tube freezing problem.(y)

Yes, the water filter housing should solve the noise problem.

Thanks for the update Steve!
Finally, after a couple delays and one broken part, I got the Water Filter Housing: W11482384 installed today. Unfortunately, no change to the loud water lines. He agreed it's air somehow getting in but it must be after the filter housing. It's easily heard form within the box where the filter is so something in there maybe. Any ideas for where air could get into the line after the filter housing?
Any ideas for where air could get into the line after the filter housing?
No Steve, I don't.

Did you run 10 full glasses of water through the water dispenser to get the air out?
Ah, no I haven't. It's apin in the ass to pull my fridge out b/c I soundproofed the sides but let me see if I hear anything back there. And might as well replace this part too.
Ok Steve, sounds good.
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