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WT1101CW LG Washer - E6 code now UE code even after replacing board


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Sep 15, 2022
Dublin Ca
Model Number
6-10 years
LG top-load washer model WT1101CW, 8yrs old with no previous issues. Throws a E6 code and troubleshooting it found defective hall sensor and replaced it.

Original hall sensor was 6501KW2002B and was replaced with 6501KW2002A, as it was listed as a compatible part. After part replaced the motor and agitation cycles worked. But the spin cycle would not ran through trouble shooting steps and found insufficient voltage output to motor. Also it would go into self test mode when pressing the appropriate button sequences that did work before when isolated the hall sensor issue. So two issues with board led me to believe it was a board issue. Order OE board part and UE code still appears.

Back to square on, i retest all previous steps and can find nothing. Only non-electrical part it could be, I think, is the suspension rods? Which don’t look very impressive and no measurable way to test and validate them that I could find. The tub swings side to side pretty freely but springs up and down smartly, but not like a 4wd truck suspension would. I did notice that when in Spin-Rinse setting only and it attempts to fix the unbalance issue by filling up almost half way up the tub with water, the tub sinks quit a bit. This noticeable by the gap increase between the tub splash guard and the bottom of detergent tray.

here is sequence of events:
E6 code
Troubleshooting found insufficient ohms resistance in hall sensor across two test points.
Replaced hall sensor with compatible part
Tested hall sensor with empty washer Spin-Rinse cycle
UE code pops up
Unable to run self-test mode and 2.5vdc out to hall sensor at board‘s hall sensor white/gray connection points.
Replaced board.
UE error code still present during Spin-Rinse cycle with empty washer tub.

Anyone have any suggestions or similar troubles and found the solution to it? Already half the cost of a new one into repairs for this one so might as well keep going if it’s solvable.
Original hall sensor was 6501KW2002B and was replaced with 6501KW2002A, as it was listed as a compatible part.
The manufacturer has replaced part number 6501KW2002A with part number 6501KW2002B

So, it seems like where this problem started, I'd get a new 6501KW2002B to start with and report back.


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