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WT5001CW LG Washer questions


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Mar 27, 2020
michigan mi.
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More than 10 years
i have the lg waveforce washer and it took a long time to figure out how to get the thing to put more the 4" of water in the tub during the wash but i got that figured out and now i have a few more questions.

1 when does the blue sprayer on the right side next to the soap dispenser spray anything out of it? i have yet to see that thing do anything at all.

2. is there any way to add a lint collector in the tub? i see under the port for pleach on the top of the tub a square type area that has holes in it the looks like an attachment might be put there to maybe hang into the tub to let the water pour over it as the tub spins during the wash cycle to let that water that is spun over the cloths to go thru a device to collect lint?

it sure would be nice to collect lint during the wash to help get the pet hair off the cloths as they wash, the dryer does good but having both machine work at this is better. my old maytag had a lint filter in the agitator and that did a good job

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