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WT7200CV LG Top Loader Washer Inverter Direct Drive - Overflowing Issues


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Mar 9, 2023
United States
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1-5 years
Hello! I have an LG Top Loader Washer and I have been having issues with overflowing recently. The issues started happening all of a sudden and the machine only overflows when the time on the washer is over 30 minutes. We have only been able to wash very light loads recently and trying to figure out why what is causing the overflowing.

Here is what I have done:

- Troubleshoot the Water Inlet Valves. The water stopped after I unplugged the machine, so I assume the water inlet valves are working properly.
- Troubleshoot the Water Pressure Switch. I was getting various readings with the multimeter, so I went ahead and replaced this part.

After these steps the washer is still overflowing when washing a normal load.

Thank you for your help/feedback in advance.
Ok did you replace the pressure switch hose that came with the new pressure switch? When you replace the pressure switch/pressure switch hose, no water can be in the tub or it will not work properly.

What I would do now is unplug the washer and remove the pressure switch hose from the pressure switch and blow through it hard, you may have a semi-clog where it goes into the outer tub air dome.

Here it is for your model:
Water Level Pressure Switch 6501EA1001R

For others following your thread--->This video shows you how to access it:

Hello Jake,

Thank you for your reply, before I purchased the new water level pressure switch, I did check to see if there were any clogs or obstructions in the old hose. I disconnect both ends and blew air to ensure there was air flow in the hose itself.

With that said, when I replaced the new water level pressure switch the old hose was used. What should be the next troubleshooting steps?
With that said, when I replaced the new water level pressure switch the old hose was used.
I would use the new hose that came with the pressure switch, just in case there is a tiny pinhole leak in that old pressure switch hose, which would cause this issue.

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