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WTW4800BQ1 Whirlpool washer noisy when agitating but not spinning


Oct 10, 2022
Cookeville, TN
Model Number
6-10 years
We recently started hearing a noise when washing a load of clothes, so I set about to find the cause. We took the machine apart (opened top lid, removed agitator, removed plastic ring around inner tub, removed inner tub) and cleaned all those components before reassembling. To no one's surprise, that did not help solve the problem. I then put the machine into manual test mode and determined the noise ONLY occurs when the machine starts to agitate. I also noticed it moved OK clockwise but struggled to move, if at all, when switching to counterclockwise. The machine performs all other functions (including spinning) with no noise and no issues).

Further testing included agitating with the agitator removed (no change in issue) and agitating with the inner tub removed. The removal of the inner tub resulted in no noise when the machine was agitating and the spindle turned in both directions seamlessly without issue. I also noticed that running the agitator test with the machine leaned against the wall (maybe at a 45-degree angle) that it appeared to agitate in both directions without issue. Manual visual inspection of the components involved only showed some rust along the spindle and inner tub that fit over the spindle. I did brush the components with a soft brush to remove some of the rust.

After reassembly, I put a small load in to see if the issue persisted and the result is the attached video. As you can see, the inner tub agitates ever so slightly in both directions and the agitator itself moves even less.

Can anybody identify what component(s) might cause the issue? I've heard the capacitor could be an issue but I fear it may actually be the motor. The belt shows no signs of fraying or cracking and seems tight.

I'll do my best to answer any follow-up questions, but I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the parts of the washer. I was only able to disassemble it with the aid of youtube.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!


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Usually it's the shift actuator that is the culprit.(there are videos in the threads below)

Your model uses the exact same shift actuator:
W10913953 Actuator

There is a video in the shift actuator part link that shows you how to replace it.


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