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FIXED WTW5000DW1 In wash mode plate doesn't move and has grinding sound


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Nov 22, 2018
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My washer started this yesterday the plate doesn't agitate and I heard a grinding noise in the wash cycle, it will advance to all other functions until done then shut off as normal. I removed the plate (has already been replaced) also checked the hub (also replaced) both do not look worn down. I felt the top part of the shaft that the plate is bolted onto and it feels smooth so was thinking that is the problem, the plate doesn't have anything to grab onto in order to agitate. Before I took off the plate I was able to move it freely but the basket didn't move along with it.

So your saying the transmission shaft is stripped?

The groves are gone in it?

If so, then you'll need a new transmission.

Here's the transmission(gearcase) for your model you can order:
W11035751 Gearcase

Thanks Jake, yes the top of that shaft the groves are gone and kinda figured but wasn't sure. Is this repair involved of just a matter of
turning the washer over and removing the old and replace the new.

Here's the video that shows how to replace it here: Transmission Replacement Video

The only difference in that video is your model has the washplate and the plastic tub hub, the rest should be about the same.

Let us know how it goes.:)

Thanks for the video Jake, the part should be here Tuesday so will be sure to let you know how it goes!
Ok, sounds good.:)

Well Jake wanted to let you know how things went. Once the part came I opened it up and checked it out and sure enough it was the groves on the old one that was the problem. The installation went good the only hard part was the inside basket, it only came up part of the way and then was stuck on the shaft but I found a video a guy made using a 2x4 and a car jack and like magic up and out it came! So new transmission is on and time to set it up everything went back together good, the impeller was a little snug so just gave it a tap with a rubber hammer and it was ready to go.

After reconnecting all the hoses and plugging it in I re calibrated the washer, to make sure the impeller was working I start it up while it was empty lifted the lid and held the lock switch in the closed position so I could watch it and BINGO WE HAVE AGITATION! now there was a slight squeaky noise but figured it was because it was new and the impeller fit more snug than before. So now for the real test I put in a small load and as before watched it with the lid up and much to my relief everything worked great.

I have already done 5 loads without any problems...oh and that squeaky noise isn't there now, I don't think the washer has work this good in awhile. Not sure if it may have been a sign of things to come but before the impeller stop working in the final spin the washer would bang loud and walk across the floor because with the new transmission in it's quiet and hasn't walk anywhere matter of fact I left the laundry basket on top of the washer through the whole cycle and it wasn't thrown across the room :)

So I want to thank you Jake for all you help!
Excellent Sandyg, glad to hear the new transmission fixed it and your back in business.:)

Thanks for the update!


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