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WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool washer not agitating properly


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Mar 12, 2023
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1-5 years
Hello, I have a washing machine WTW5000DW1. As it goes through the process, when it gets to the agitation part the agitator does not spin. It acts like it is trying to agitate but is slipping. Funny part is that if I push or pull the drum to the side it agitates just fine. Or if I don’t have anything in the washer it works fine but I can still stop it easy with my hand.

I have had the drum out and wash plate splines look good and nothing obvious jumps out at me. It does spin just doesn’t spin a lot of water out. Just trying to narrow down my problem so I’m just not throwing parts at it. Thank you
Possibly splutch cam TEETH are grinding down to smooth, or the drive pulley nut coming loose, check that nut first.:)

Here's the splutch cam kit for your model:
W10721967 Splutch Cam Kit

Watch this video to access it.

It can also be a bad shift actuator.

Look here:

(there are videos in the threads below)

Your model uses the exact same shift actuator:
W10913953 Actuator

There is a video in the shift actuator part link that shows you how to replace it.
Thank you that’s where I’ll start. Looks like a common problem. Any way to test it or something to look for to confirm before replacing
Any way to test it or something to look for to confirm before replacing
Like I mentioned above, look to see if the splutch cam TEETH are grinding down to smooth.
Ok, sounds good.

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