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FIXED WTW5840BW0 Whirlpool Cabrio Washer will not spin with motor

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Apr 25, 2021
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6-10 years
The washer has been loud for a few weeks (sounds like bad bearings) and today it would not complete the spin cycle. I can spin the basket normally by hand, but it will not spin with the motor. I have 3 error codes; F7E1, F7E7, F0E2. From what I have seen online, it looks like I need a new gear case (W11454372), capacitor (W11395618), and an actuator (WPW10006355).

I just wanted to get some opinions if this is the right route before I paid $400 for parts.
Here's the gearcase for your model: W11454372

Also, I'd check your hub too, and bad hub can cause this problem as well.

Here's the hub for your model:
W10528947 Hub

Here's a video to access/replace it:

--->Look at these photos below of the hub teeth grinded down to smooth. It should NOT be grinded down to smooth.

Let us know what you find.



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Jake, thank you for the tip. The hub looks good to me (see image below).


However, the belt had come off (see below). Do you have any idea how this happens? From the damage on the case, it looks like it has been sliding off for a little while. I plan on still replacing the gear case because of the bearings though. Last question, any tips for getting the basket out? I removed the retaining ring on the hub but I could not get the basket to budge. I assume I need to remove it in order to replace the gear case.
It looks like your hub is missing some teeth at the very bottom of it per your photo, so I'd order the hub too.

For your 2nd photo of the belt breaking through your plastic belt guard, I'd first check the splutch cams to see if the teeth are grinding down causing this problem as well, and also see if your transmission pulley nut has come loose causing the belt to break through your plastic belt guard.

Remove the plastic belt guard and see.:)

Here's the splutch cam kit for your model:
W10721967 Splutch Cam Kit

There is another video in the part link to show you how to access it.

The splutch cams look fine to me. However, the pulley was slightly loose. Below shows how far the belt slipped off after resetting it and trying one spin cycle. Is there a torque value for the pulley nut? Is the pulley supposed to be smooth with no flanged edges?

Also, the hub and gear case are out of stock/backorder at every place I have checked so I am just going to get the splutch cam kit and see if that gets it through.




Just the motor pulley has the side flange, not the transmission pulley, its just flat.

Watch this video to replace it:

Glad to help, let us know how it goes.

Replacing the pulley and tightening the nut seems to have helped. It has successfully made it through a few cycles now.
Ok, sounds good.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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