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Dec 20, 2020
deerfield beach
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6-10 years
the subject washer just starting making a bearing type noise on the final rinse/spin cycle. at no other time do i hear the noise during the wash cycle and this about 2 weeks ago and of course it's getting worse. any ideas and suggestions are appreciated. see attached video.


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If your noise in spin cycle sounds like a jet airplane, then you need W11393685 gearcase. The bearings are not available separately.
@dashriprok is correct about the jet airplane noise being the gearcase, but yours sounds more like a rattling noise in spin.

Unplug the washer and check your rotor bolt and rotor first. Make sure your rotor bolt didn't come loose.

Here's your rotor bolt: W10752189

This video shows you how to access it:

Also, check to make sure the rotor is not cracked.

Here's the rotor for your model:
Rotor W10754161
as usual you have more answers. thanks. i will check this out this weekend and get back to you. so to be clear, it's not a jet airplane type noise that is heard on the video? thank you
so to be clear, it's not a jet airplane type noise that is heard on the video?
No, it sounds more like a rattling sound.

If the rotor bolt and rotor are fine, it could still be the bearings in the gearcase.

I haven't replaced the gearcase(transmission) on this model as of yet.

Here's the gearcase(transmission) for your model, if needed: Gearcase W11393685

There is a video AppliancePartsPros just posted that gives you more detail on how to do it:


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