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WTW7600XW2 Whirlpool Cabrio washer drain pump won't stop running.


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Jun 20, 2017
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1-5 years
<b>Whirlpool Cabrio WTW7600XW2 </b>
The drain pump on my Cabrio washer will not stop running. When I run the automatic diagnostic test it gets stuck on step C8. I've got an overload error code on it, and I've blown out the pressure tube. I've also did a pressure transducer calibration. The inner drum is free, and the stator doesn't have any cracks in it. I read that those could cause an overload error code. One more side not is that when plugging the machine in I get a spark from the outlet. Prior to this problem happening there was problem with the machine acting weird, I believe it was not a tight fit inside the outlet. I've since replace the outlet with a brand new one. When I did replace the outlet the black wire insulation was burnt off about 3 inches back.

Any advise or direction would be greatly appriciated. Oh, and when I plug it in and hit start the drain pump turns on and won't shut off. When you try to hit another button you get the invalid choice beeps and the only way to stop it is to unplug the machine. It's as if it think there is still water in the machine and it wants to drain before it tries anything else.
I unplugged P4 from the control board. That's the one for the drain/recirc pump. No spark when I plugged power in. Everything else is the same. Invalid choice beeps and what not. I did hear a relay click when I hit the start button. Like maybe the control board was trying to tell the pump to turn on.

Ok, from that information you just posted, the problem is either the drain pump is grounding out, thus staying running all the time, or the control board relay for the pump has shorted closed, thus staying running all the time.

You will need a multimeter to ohm both the drain pump electrical terminals to the metal cabinet ground and see if you get continuity. Also check your wire harness to the drain pump to make sure you don't have a short in that either.

Here's the drain pump for your model you can order if needed:
W10536347 Drain Pump

Here's the control board for your model you can order if needed:
WPW10372179 Electronic Control Board

Let us know what you find.

Continuity check didn't find the problem. No continuity from any terminal to ground. And I don't think it is the relay. I can hear it clicking and the pump doesn't always run. It only starts when I press the start button, and then it won't stop.
Where is the clicking noise coming from?

Put your meter leads in the 2 electrical wires that go to the drain pump and make sure your meter is reading a constant 120 volts when it should be running.

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