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FIXED WTW8500DC2 Whirlpool Cabrio Top-Load - Shifter Failure

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Jan 19, 2020
Tulare CA
Model Number
1-5 years
Lid locks, bucket slowly turns, doesn't fill and shuts down. The agitator did not move freely.
Error code F7E5.
Cleared and ran diagnostics, everything worked well except the spinning/agitation.
Voltages checked out.
Replaced the drive assembly.
Ran the calibration, and same error now.

What can I do next?

Added complete model number
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WTW8500DC is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number, read it from the model number tag under the lid.

Here's the results I get:

Replaced the drive assembly.
What part is that? The shift Actuator? The transmission? The motor?

Jake, thank you so much!
Sorry I dropped that last bit.
It is WTW8500DC2.

I have also seen the drive shaft assembly called the drum shaft assembly. Not the motor.
It has both drive shafts and I believe the transmission all in one.
The new one came with its own clutch assembly as well.
I included a screenshot of the tech manual that calls it the drive shaft assembly. I honestly don't know where the shift actuator is on this model.

Thanks again!


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Thanks, I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.

F7E5=Shifter Failure--->Fault is displayed when the main control determines the shifter is not engaging the basket for spin or disengaging it for wash.
• Check shifter connectors.
• Check for clothing or another item wedged between the impeller and the basket that could bind them together.
• Check that the shifter slider moves freely.
• See TEST #3a: Drive System – Shifter, page 15.

Ok, this model is direct drive, no belt, so it uses a different Shift Actuator than the BELT models do.

Here's the Shift Actuator(also called Slider) for your model:
Shift Actuator W10734521

The shifter coil is the clutch assembly, it has the Orange and White wires going to it.

Here's the clutch(shifter coil) assembly for this model:
W10754448 Clutch



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Thank you.

Shifter connectors - good.

Impeller and basket did NOT at move freely at the first. Going through the tech manual this led me to test #3A step 12b, replacing the drive. So I replaced the drive assembly.

Slider moves fine on the new drive, it is a new slider on the new unit.

When I first installed the new drive, the basket and the impeller both DID move freely. I thought it was fixed, but then when I put it through calibration, they were bound together again.
I replaced the gearcase, along with the actuator/slider.

After put it all back together, the impeller and basket moved freely, then ran the calibration and they bound up, then threw the same error code.
Jake, do you think I should replace the clutch as well? I can confirm the new gearcase and actuator are good, so all that's left as possible is; clutch, wire harness, and motherboard. Right?
Yes, replace the clutch then, that is the coil for the actuator shifter.

Ok, sounds good.

Still not working.
Installed the new clutch.
Cleared error codes.
Ran service test #52 - service calibration.
Same exact thing happens.
Motor hums, impeller turns slowly, and then click sound and it stops moving.

Now impeller feels bound to basket when I try to manually move it.

Error code F7E5 again displayed.
Ok, something is very wrong, you will need Whirlpool to come out to see what's going on.

I don't know what else could be the problem.

Contact Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 to set up a service call.

A tech came out and we worked through the machine.
When we got to the voltage we had nothing coming from the control board.
Then took the interface off and remembered that after I had installed the gearcase, I had disconnected the wires that supply the transmission and clutch to examine them.
When I had installed the new clutch I had forgot to reconnect them to the control board!!!
Rookie mistake by me... but the new clutch was just what we needed.

Thanks Jake.
Excellent, glad that's all it was. Glad the new clutch fixed it. (y)

Thanks for the update!

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