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FIXED WTW8800YW1 Stops mid cycle

hammer ninja

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Sep 22, 2018
Model Number
Washer periodically over the past couple months would display the error code oL but unplugging the washer would reset it and it would operate properly for several days. Finally the unit quit mid normal cycle about 22 min left in the cycle. Couldn't use the service manual, it is missing, so went off memory for entering the diagnostic mode. There were 2 errors, F70 and F35. The unit went through each of the self tests with no faults. Anything I found online said that it is a cracked stator or bad bearing, bearing new 2 yrs ago.

Pulled the stator and inspected and no cracks but found the RPS circuit board was loose, the clips that hold the board in the RPS holder were gone. Put some hot glue on it to hold it in place....didn't work.....back to the drawing board. So I put it into Manual mode and really fumbled thru the process since I didn't have a service manual, and couldn't find anything online for that model. Finally, after much button pushing and time, found the spin cycle in manual service mode, and got it to give up a new code....f51...RPS sensor. Replaced the RPS and shazzam!!
Your welcome hammer ninja.:)


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