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WWRE6260D1WW GE Washer Agitates but doesn't spin


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Apr 14, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
My washer won't do spin cycle just starts making this loud humming sound.pump seems to work since I can hear water draining .On couple of occasions I was able to start it by hand spinning it right when I heard a click and drum would twitch .the lid sensor works as well,I checked it .cant figure out what is wrong by watching YouTube videos .my washer is about 6-8 years old I believe
Unplug the washer, Remove the front panel and check your motor for burnt wiring connectors where the electrical plugs into it.

If that's ok, then: Take the belt off the motor and transmission pulleys then run it in the spin cycle and see if the motor runs just by-itself.

Here's the motor for your model:
GE WH20X10019 2 Spd Clutchless Motor

Also check the belt.

The belt shouldn't have any cracks or burned spots on it.

Here's the belt for your model(Access video to remove the front panel is included when you click the belt part link):
WH1X2026 Drive Belt

Also make sure the Idler pulley that the belt loops around turns freely too.

Also touch the top of the motor and see if its extremely hot.

I'll try that thanks man .I know it's not the belt or the pulley ,belt seems in good shape no abrasions or cracks on it. I've been able to spin the idler pulley which is the Solid looking disc belt loops around I'm guessing? It spins freely .

My motor does get hot ,after trying to get spin cycle started for a few minutes I can feel the heat coming off of it . I thought it might be something to do with timer switch ? I'm just guessing .but the main board makes a click on 2 when spin supposed to start .could it be Agitator or the coupler?
When you took the belt off and ran the motor alone it did run and got very hot? Did the motor keep running or stop after it got hot?

Its usually the motor that's the culprit when it gets very hot and shuts down when its running by-itself, not the timer.

could it be Agitator or the coupler?

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