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YORK YJHJXH024BARR-FX with E7 Error Code


Aug 27, 2019
Waterford, MI
Model Number
-major brand-
1-5 years
I have a wall mounted AC unit or mini split that is not working. It shows an E7 error code on the display. The Outdoor unit never starts. Followed the troubleshooting steps and it seems I need to replace a board. Now, after doing a lot of research, I found out that this unit has the YORK brand but it's either sold by Johnson Controls or Haier. Haier seems to be the manufacturer. After opening the unit and looking for some sot of into over the web, I found the board I need has the part number of A0011800241M. There are all kinds of boards where the part number is the same but the last letter changes from A, B, G, H, M, Y, etc. I contacted Haier and they don't even know. But anyway, the A0011800241M part number cannot be found anywhere. They seem to be obsolete. However, I found a board from another GE AC unit that seems to be a replacement for A0011800241M and it's also manufactured by Haier. Does anybody know if the board WJ26X23328 is a replacement for A0011800241M? Thanks in advance. I'm attaching a picture of the actual board out of my unit


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