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FIXED YWFE515S0JW0 Whirlpool stove top element stays red while baking


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Jun 1, 2010
Model Number
1-5 years
Whirlpool glass top stove goes up to temperature for baking, but top element stays red the whole time , eventually E1 Er F6 comes on the control panel.

Will not bake as bottom element does not cycle, when it comes to temperature set point. Any help would be appreciated. Previous people that owned it said they replaced the temperature sensor, located in the rear, not sure if they did though.

Hoping not to replace sensor and then still not working. Is it possible to replace that part and still problems? Is there anyway of testing that part to check to see if it works? If it works what else could be the problem?
Does the bottom bake element come on at all when set on BAKE?

F6E1--->Oven over temperature when heating

Yes, I'd first ohm test the oven sensor with a multimeter.

All you do is pull your range out from the wall, then unplug it, then remove the back access panel and you will see a little plastic connector that connects to your oven sensor, just unsnap that little plastic connector and take a ohm reading on it at room temperature per the video below.

Here's the oven sensor for your model:
Oven Sensor WPW10181986

Watch this video to ohm test it:

Let us know what you find.
Hi Jake:

Thanks for replying. Metered sensor and it is 1,084 ohms.

Thanks Dave
Does the bottom bake element come on at all when set on BAKE?
If not, pull the range out from the wall, then disconnect power to the range, then remove the back access panel and you will see the bake element terminals, then ohm test it first to make sure its good.

Here's the bake element for your model:
Bake Element W11182108

Here's how to ohm test it:

If the bake element ohms good, then the problem is the clock/oven control board: Control Assy,lcx 1.0,ELE,PYRO,WHT,WP W11546660
Glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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