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FIXED Zeolite Container seal leaking water on Bosch Dishwasher SHP878ZD5N

Same issue on a three year old Bosch 800 series dishwasher.

Nice!! Glad the metal ring worked. Not sure why Bosch doesn't just use metal... this is clearly a design defect where the heat is causing the plastic to fail. Just use metal in the first place - no more failure.
Changed my appliance repair quote from >$500 (for an entirely new Zoelite container) to $30 and 5 minutes to screw it in. Just need to be careful to not strip the threads and not overtighten.
And yes, the people on the phone are useless. No one can think outside the box, write anything down, use the internet, answer a forum post...
And it isn't just Bosch. Why does a control unit in my oven cost more than a base ipad?! Why is the parts distribution network so f-d up? Why are these things so hard to repair? Why aren't the repair manuals published vs. only available to 'trained service technicians'? Why aren't obvious design defects actually fixed? We need a disruptor to this space... ELON! Stop screwing around with Twitter and ship appliances.
So I had alternating issues with E15 and E07. Water leaking from the zeolite seal due to the cracked ring and then my heat air fan full of water…

Simple just order new parts I say! I have now replaced, the entire zeolite system (metal box, fan and rubber duct) including installing a new metal ring. It works! For one cycle… then boom fan full or water and leaking, ghaaa!!

I thought the new fan was just leaking or not working and pushing everything through, so I got Bosch to send a second replacement unit but I got to thinking… hey!
A fan shouldn’t have bloody water in it!

So I tried to run the first fan not installed just on the floor, and it worked perfectly, hooked everything internally with the brand new second everything seemed fine but by the end of one test cycle, boom! Backed up with water again! I’m pulling my hair out, I can’t for the life of me figure out how so much water is getting into the fan/zeolite system! I have all new seals and the metal exhaust cover is in place internally. All the water is inside the zeolite system, my e07 is being triggered by the air fan not being able to pump water (which as far as I can tell it is t supposed to!.

Has any one else had a similar issue?

EDIT: I also thought it might just be insane build up of condensation, but the water is soapy! So definitely not condensation
I have this same issue xtratopicality! Were you able to sort out the problem and, either way, can you share your experience?

To summarize for others in the same situation:
I had E15 and then E07 errors. While doing the repairs to the faulty ring (my plastic ring was actually intact until I began disassembly when it easily cracked) I noticed a LOT of water that had to drain through the drier system. After completing the repair and re-starting the machine, water started slowly dripping from the Zeolite container, most likely due to the system flooding. Water continues to flood out even after a wash/dry cycle is complete until E15 trips again.

Can't figure out how so much water is getting into the Zeolite system. It's too much to be dripping through the seal.
Glad I could help. Annoying and unnecessary failure on such an expensive appliance.

I found a parts diagram here: https://www.bosch-home.com/us/suppo...spareparts/Togglebox=tb0512/Togglebox=tb0615/

The rubber o-ring is underneath the tub, between the container and the tub.

The part number for the ring on mine was: 10006646, and it looks like that was superseded by part number: 00636865

00636865 looks to be a METAL ring nut. Go figure.

I searched my dishwasher model on Bosch’s website and the only replacement option is the same plastic nut. Does anyone know if the metal nut is interchangeable/standard on all the zeolite containers?
I would like to thank all who have replied to this post, as I was experiencing the exact same issues.
I have a Bosch, Model Number - SHEM78ZH5N/01
I was just starting to get the E:15 error code coming in about every 2 cycles, I would pull it out and clean the water out of the float switch and have it work again for another 2 cycles.
I pulled unit out and inspected for leaks in the normal areas, I used an inspection camera to get to the back right of unit and noticed the water leak.
Following the recommendations of the forum, I removed the cover inside the dishwasher and found that the nut that held the Zeolite container was cracked and loose.
I contacted PartsSelect - Canada and they had part # 00636865 in stock.
Little bugger is not cheap $25.00 plus $13.00 for shipping.
Thanks again for all the help.
Thanks for the information you posted.

Here it is in the USA:

Nut 00636865

Thanks for the information you posted.

Here it is in the USA:

Nut 00636865

As this seems to be a very common issue with these series 800 models, Why wouldn't Bosch have a recall on these units and at least send out a more robust nut, to elevate this annoying problem.
That's a good question, but I know why they wouldn't either.
Why wouldn't Bosch have a recall on these units

"Recalls" occur for safety related issues only.

Bosch might have released a service advisory on it if they detected an extremely high failure rate during warranty service on products. In such a case only Bosch authorized service depots would likely be advised of such information. The plastic nut might however eventually get substituted to the metal one in the normal course of things once the current inventory of the plastic nut is depleted. I don't know which is used on current Bosch dishwasher models.


Dan O.
The plastic nut might however eventually get substituted to the metal one in the normal course of things once the current inventory of the plastic nut is depleted. I don't know which is used on current Bosch dishwasher models.

Hi Dan,
I ordered a metal replacement nut took about a week to arrive, Installed in 5 min and so far unit is operating normally.
No E:15 error code, however I don't want to jinks it. :)
Been having the issue and our repair plan people are super annoyed with me. The O ring isn't cracked, but I think it just isn't sitting flush. We had a e15 every 5-6 washes, and now an E07.

Ordered the metal ring still. Does this look normal?


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I'm having the same issue with my Bosch 800. Started getting e:15 errors, replaced the zeolite stud/nut/seal where the leak was occurring, and it still continued to leak. Now I'm getting e:07 errors. I was fortunate that the extended warranty offered by my credit card has covered my expenses so far, but at this point, I'm hoping that they will approve a full replacement of this piece of crap.

I wrote the following letter to Bosch, but I'm not expecting to get a satisfying response:

I’m writing to express my profound disappointment in the quality of your dishwashers.

I purchased the Bosch 800 because I was annoyed with how quickly my past Whirlpool dishwashers failed, and I was willing to spend (a lot) extra to avoid those quality issues.

Imagine my surprise when my Bosch dishwasher failed faster than any of my prior dishwashers, after just 15 months of use.

There appears to be a significant design flaw related to your zeolite tank. Water is leaking from the seal between the dishwasher basin and the zeolite tank, resulting in E:15 errors. Even after replacing the zeolite stud, nut, and seal, the leaking still continues, which makes me worry that the floor of the dishwasher basin is somehow defective. The leak has now resulted in a new E:07 error, which leads me to believe that water has damaged the zeolite tank itself in some manner. I’ve been trying to get this resolved for 30 days so far, and who knows how much more time and money it will take to repair. I’ve already spent $427 on a failed solution, and it sounds like more parts will need to be replaced ― and perhaps the entire dishwasher, at this rate.

For the money that you charge for your dishwashers, this type of design flaw is absolutely unacceptable. A brand like Bosch should not have products failing within 15 months, requiring owners to spend hundreds of dollars beyond the original investment, in addition to all the time wasted washing dishes by hand and dealing with repair people. I would have been better off buying four Whirlpool dishwashers for the same price. You should issue a recall and replace my dishwasher with a model that does not have this flaw. Stand behind your brand and make this right.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who can help prevent this nightmare for future customers.

I'll let you all know what kind of response I get.
We had our zeolite assembly replaced twice, dryer fan twice, 2 inlets, float assembly and pump. Still getting the 07 error (even 2 days after we had the fan replaced) I have Bosch coming out Thursday. I have a service plan that covers all my appliances and they pretty much said that they have replaced everything they can and to call Bosch and they will re-imburse me.
I'm having the same problem. Not sure how the water is filling the Zeolite container. It almost seems like the tub is over-filling and flooding the container. Were you ever able to fix it?
I too had a E07 code and was focusing on the zeolite system , had new o-ring gasket with new metal nut installed(which was needed for e15 code) , but still having e07 issues, but then I discovered a hole in the plastic sprayer manifold tubing , you need to look at the sprayer tubing manifold that supplies the water to the different dish racks. it sits in front of the zeolite dryer vent and over time the plastic breaks down from the heat and develops a hole in the plastic, when the dishwasher is running the water pressure directs and sprays water through that hole up into the zeolite drying system filling the canister and fan housing and causing the e07 code. So if you are having a e07 code this could be the source. I replaced the sprayer manifold tube and error code has not returned. I also used a shop vac to suck the water out of the system by removing metal cover in the corner and placing hose over the metal cylinder in the corner. All of this can be done from inside the dishwasher without removing it from the cabinet.

I wonder how many people possibly have had this same issue and the techs get tunnel vision focusing on the zeolite system , and replace a bunch of parts and still have the issue ? It seems to be a lot of unresolved e07 issues from responses here, but no one mentions the sprayer manifold tube . Hope this helps someone out from replacing a lot of unnecessary parts.
Update: glued plastic ring nut didn't really hold. It would loosen up every cycle.

Replacement metal ring nut came today and immediately gave a strong hold. Hopeful that this fixes the problem. Shameful of Bosch to make us beta testers on their premium products.
Can you tell me where you go the metal ring from? We have the same dishwasher and same part broke twice. It would be greatly appreciated.
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