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ZET2SH1SS GE Monogram Oven trips circuit breaker. Any ideas?


Jul 23, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi friends.

We have a GE Monogram double oven, model ZET2SH1SS.

The oven is unfortunately tripping our circuit breaker, somewhat consistently after a few minutes of use.

The oven is on a 50 A breaker - which seems like it should be sufficient.

It trips the breaker with use of only (either) one of the double ovens. This occurs with top and bottom ovens.

Interestingly, the breaker is not tripped right away. It usually gets to around 200-300 degrees hot before going off.

We can reset the breaker and turn the oven back on - but it fairly quickly trips the breaker again, unless it has been given some time to cool off.

Any ideas on what could be going on? Any help is appreciated.

Much thanks.
If there was a problem in the appliance the breaker would usually trip as soon as turned on or as soon as heating, etc. started. Only tripping after in use a while usually indicates a problem in the breaker panel. Either a 'weak' breaker or a loose connection that generates heat which trips the breaker. (Most breakers are also heat sensitive.)

I suggest someone inspect the breaker box connections and/or replace the breaker.

Dan O.

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