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ZET3038SH3SS GE Monogram Oven that 90% of the time requires us to flip our breaker before it'll get hot. Need some repair advice.

Apr 20, 2022
Model Number
More than 10 years
My wife and I have a GE Monogram Oven.

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Our specific model is ZET3038SH3SS

We've been having this weird issue where we turn on the oven and the heating element won't get hot even if we wait 15 minutes. It's cool the touch. The oven light turns on, the control panel is on and responsive, but just nothing in the oven gets hot. Neither the top or bottom heating elements. But if we then go and flip the circuit breaker off and back on it starts working in a normal amount of time.

This happens basically every night we want to use it although on occasion it works without the need of a circuit flip.

We have a home warranty and they've replaced the heating element and temperature sensor but that did not fix the issue.

Now the repair tech is saying to replace the control board and that if that doesn't fix it there isn't really anything left to replace that could be causing this issue.

Here's the problem I'm faced with. The first repair was $280 market value (that we didn't have to pay) this next repair is $400. The warranty company is giving me the option to put that money towards a new oven. I don't really want a new oven but if it turns out that replacing the control board doesn't fix the issue then I'm afraid that the warranty company will refuse to cover any future "fixes" and then I'll need a new oven anyway and miss out on the $400 credit. They already almost didn't agree to this repair.

So with that in mind, does the issue we're having sound like it would be solved with a control board replacement? I will say that one time months and months ago the control board completely cut out / went haywire (with the circuit on) and I had to flip the circuit to get it to come back. That only happened once.

Any other general advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Appliance Tech
Staff member
Jul 3, 2021
Flemington NJ
I would replace the ckt breaker, sounds like you're losing one leg when it's idle and resetting it reseats it.
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