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ZFSB23DRBSS GE Refrigerator Dispenser Control Board not working


Dec 15, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
Our office fridge had a water leak when the water dispenser was being pressed. I found that the water line underneath the fridge was brittle and leaking. I replaced that line with a new one, and when I went to dispense some water the whole water/ice dispenser has no power.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-15 at 3.25.14 PM.jpeg

I double checked to see that I didn't inadvertently unplug any power connectors, but couldn't find anything wrong. The lights in the fridge, compressor and the fan still run.

When I opened the fridge part, the numbers to set the freezer and refrigerator temperature were both blank. When pressing the + or - to set the temp both temps flashed a "0" (zero) and went blank again.

Today both temperatures are set again to 0 and 37, but the water dispenser still does not work.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-15 at 3.25.13 PM (1).jpeg

I unplugged and looked at the Dispenser Control Board, but didn't find anything wrong or see any immediate damage on it.

Any ideas to test or solutions would be highly appreciated :)


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Hi, yes, It sounds like the motherboard, GE has had a lot of problems with this going bad and causing these issues your having now, lots of times you can look at your motherboard to see if you notice any burnt components on it.

Here's the motherboard for your model:
WR49X10152 Main Control Board

There is a video in the part link that shows you how to access it, then you can look for any burnt spots on it.

If you find no burnt spots on it, then You can use a Multimeter and check for 13 volts DC on the motherboard between J4-2 to J4-3 those are the TEMP CONTROL which sends the power to the front display board. If you don't have 13 volts DC then its the motherboard that's bad.

Here's the motherboard pinouts:
GEMB-13 WR49X10152.jpg