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ZFSB23DRD GE Monogram Fridge Cooling Issues


Sep 22, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Hey All, trying out the forum to see if I can get any experienced advise. To preface my question, I know seeking a professional service tech may be advised but I live several hours out in the country and may not be an option.

I have a GE Monogram 36" Side by Side, temperatures in both freezer/fridge began to fluctuate some, fridge was registering around mid-upper 40s while freezer was around 10s. I went ahead and replaced unit and moved the GE to garage until I had time to look into issue.

I've performed as much troubleshooting as I can find instructions for.
*Doors seal and vacuum appears to work
*Condesing fan works and condesing coils are clean
*Evaporator coils are frost free and fan is working
*Replaced inverter (thinking thatvwas issue), did not fix
*Ohm'd the compressor pins, all are equal at around 11.4
I can hear the compressor spin when powered (faintly) and gets quite warm.

I've let fridge run for as many as 3 hours with No change in internal temperature. Could it take longer? Am i missing something else? Or, is this a compressor failure issue???

Thx in advance!
Check the frost pattern of your freezer evaporator coil. You possibly have a sealed system problem.

Look at the very bottom photo below where it says NORMAL FROST PATTERN.

Frost Patterns.jpg

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