Sears Kenmore Start Device Relay

Sears Kenmore side by side refrigerator(model#106.50542001): Not cooling, pulled the refrigerator out from the wall, then removed the lower back access panel, unplugged the refrigerator first, then removed the start device relay from the side of the compressor and shook it, it rattled alot. Whenever it rattles like that, its always broken inside.
We have a thread in our appliance repair forums on this issue that explains how to check it:
Here’s the start device relay for this model:
Manufacturer’s Number: 8201799
Part Number 8201799 (AP3873993) replaces 2261634, 2261635, 2261636, 2261637, 2313405, 2313407, 2188393, 2188504, 2204306, 2188505, 2204412, 2188506, 2204307, 2188507, 22004413, 2204413.
Made by Whirlpool. Whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, and others.
Whirlpool also makes various appliance models for Sears / Kenmore.
Part Number 8201799 (AP3873993) is used with the following appliance models:
106.50022000, 106.50027000, 106.50032000, 106.50037000, 106.50202990, 10648062891, 10648067891, 10648262891, 10648267891, 10648562891, 10650203990, 10650209990, 10650262990, 10659021991, 10659028991, 10659062990, 10659067990, 10659069990, 7ED20TQXFW01, 7GD22DFXFW00, 7GD25DFXFW00, 7GD25SFXHS00, 8ED20TKXFN01, 8ED20TKXFW01, 8ED20ZKXFN01, 8ED20ZKXFW01, 8ED22PQXFN01, 8ED22PQXFW01, ED20TKXFN01, ED20TKXFT01, ED20TKXFW01, ED20TQXFN01, ED20TQXFT01, ED20TQXFW01, ED22CQXHB00, ED22CQXHN00, ED22CQXHT00, ED22CQXHW00, ED22GWXFN01, ED22GWXFW01, ED22LFXHB00, ED22LFXHT00, ED22LFXHW00, ED22PEXHB00, ED22PEXHT00, ED22PEXHW00, ED22QFXHB00, ED22QFXHN00, ED22QFXHT00, ED22QFXHW00, and more.