Hi all,
2001 Kenmore Upright Freezer Frigidaire built: not cooling below 30 degrees. Found 2 evaporator coils frosted up think, the rest of the coils were bare. No leak found in sealed system, Compressor not pumping freon properly, ordered a Compressor.
2004 Kenmore brand new portable dishwasher Whirlpool built: not draining properly. All portable dishwashers hook up to the kitchen sink faucet.
The Drain hose was kinked under the dishwasher, i reset the hose and tested it, worked great.
2001 Kenmore SxS Refrig. Whirlpool built: ice maker not making ice, cubes get jammed in ice maker, this whirlpool part #2212352 fixes that. Its a new design ice maker. This is the 5 cube ice maker. Very small and compact.
2004 brand new Amana Range: oven door glass has a stain from customer accidentally spilling something near door vent.
This is the outer door glass, easy to remove and clean. just has 5 screws on the bottom track.
1999 Knemore Whirlpool built washer, not spinning: replaced the motor coupler.
Thats it today!
Have a Good Evening!