Hi all,
Remember: You should change the water filter at least once a year. If the filter is old and clogged it will cause water pressure and ice maker problems too. 🙂
If your water pressure seems low, or the ice maker is making hollow cubes, check this first:
The best way to check is pull out the refrig. turn off your water supply to the refrig. Take of the water line going to the refrig. water valve.
Get something to catch water in, like a small bucket or container, put the water line in that, then turn the water on.
If you get a good stream and good water pressure then its in the refrig. water valve or ice maker.
Lots of times i see low water pressure because people install those self piercing needle valves to the cold water line under the sink. Those clog up alot, because the hole that supplies water is so small.
Have a Good Day!